December Crazy Travel Roundup, Part 2

December Crazy Travel Roundup, Part 2

This month’s Crazy Travel Round was so jam-packed that we had to give you Part 1 a few weeks ago. Here’s Part 2 to end the month and the year.

December Crazy Travel

Burnt bagel causes Lambert Airport evacuation –

The burning of a bagel prompted a full evacuation of Terminal 2 at St. Louis Lambert International Airport on Tuesday night.

Ever been in the office when someone microwaves leftover fish? It can be room clearing. Apparently, a burnt bagel can clear a whole airport terminal. I wonder if they still had to pay $8.00 for the bagel? LINK

December Crazy Travel

Man stabbed for wearing smelly socks on plane – 

A quarrel over smelly socks between two plane passengers escalated into a fight on arrival, which saw one of them ending up in hospital with a serious stab wound, police in Russia’s Kaliningrad Region has said.

It appears that a “Sock of the month club” member ending up sitting next to a “Knife of the month club” member….. and in case you didn’t know knife beats sock. LINK

December Crazy Travel 7

Drunk man groped multiple women on United flight from Newark, passenger says – 

Almost as soon as a man got on a United Airlines flight departing Newark on Tuesday night, he grabbed the thigh of the woman next to him, she says

I’ve said it time after time, drinking and flying don’t mix. And what the hell is wrong with the modern man? Seriously, you’re not that good looking and women really don’t want you touching them without their permission. LINK

December Crazy Travel

“Possessed” airline passenger causes captain to turn plane around after declaring mid-air emergency on Air China flight – 

An airline passenger who claimed she was “possessed” caused an Air China plane to turn around after take-off.

The female traveller, in her 50s, sparked a mid-air emergency when she fainted shortly after flight CA 4102 from Beijing to Chengdu departed today.

A bit of a long read but due to the fainting spell the pilot turned the plane around so she could receive medical treatment. To which she responded “I have to be in Chengdu. There are things possessing my body and you cannot find it by health checks.”  Kind of surprised this didn’t happen in Florida. LINK

December Crazy Travel

More Than 300 Passengers Get Nasty Stomach Bug On Royal Caribbean Cruise – 

More than 300 people on a Royal Caribbean cruise fell ill with a nasty gastrointestinal sickness that included bouts of vomiting and diarrhea. The Independence of the Seas, which had visited Haiti and Jamaica, returned to Port Everglades, Florida, on Saturday.

This was the second time in less than a month that guests had become sick on one of Royal Caribbean’s ships, according to USA Today. About 200 passengers took ill earlier this month on a Royal Caribbean cruise between Singapore and Australia. Five of those passengers required hospital treatment, NBC News reported.

I’m not a cruise person. I’ve only been on one and even with the drink package, it was a giant cub of suck. Here’s the really bad part about getting sick on a ship, you can’t escape it. You can’t jump in the car and head home…… you’re stuck on a boat, with all the other sick people. LINK

December Crazy Travel


TSA Agent “Accidentally” Brings Gun To Work – 

Ugh, don’t you just hate when you accidentally pack a gun in your lunch box when going to work? CBS Boston is reporting how a TSA agent at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport packed a gun in his/her lunchbox last Friday. This was only discovered when the worker underwent a security screening before their shift started (I didn’t realize this was a thing that the TSA did).

One of the great money saving strategies is brown bagging your lunch to work – Sandwich – check. Doritos – check. Soda – check. 357 Magnum – check. I really don’t grasp how so many gun owners forget that they’re carrying a gun. Besides isn’t it TSA’s responsibility to be on the lookout for guns? Curious to see how they handle “Bring your kids to work day”. LINK

December Crazy Travel

Delta Flight Diverts So Passengers Could Use Bathroom After Blue Water Runs Down Aisle –

A direct Delta flight from New York City to Seattle on Saturday night made an unplanned stop in Billings for what several passengers considered an emergency — a potty break.

While enroute, the Boeing 757’s toilets “ceased functioning, with passengers queuing up and indicating they needed to visit the toilet,” according to a Delta incident report.

I can’t recall the last time I used an airplane bathroom, thankfully most of my flights are under 2 hours. I know where “Blue Water” comes from and if I see it running down the aisle it’s a solid indicator that things are about to get a bit dicey. LINK

December Crazy Travel

Sick Child And Family Kicked Off Flight – 

NEWPORT BEACH (CBSLA) — A local family says they were kicked off a plane because their son got sick.

Newport mom Yvette Kohan said she was running up the aisle of the plane with her 3-year-old son in her arms heading for the bathroom when it happened.

She said her son suffers from motion sickness like she does.

Traveling with kids is rough, especially one that gets motion sickness. My parents used to load my sister up on Dramamine for a 45 minute car ride. The article is run of the mill, but what makes this is the comments from others….. I love the internet. LINK 

That’s a wrap on 2017  “Crazy Travel Roundup”. I’m sure that 2018 won’t disappoint and thanks to the internet we’ll be able to follow it all.

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