Dick Pieper – Stories From Home, A Podcast

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*** SHOW NOTES ***

AGAIN, being recorded in the beautiful Chateau’ Relaxo, Florida.

Dick Pieper is a 35-year road warrior veteran and a great friend. We’ve traveled together for 18+ years, and he’s seen all kinds of changes when it comes to travel.

We discuss all kinds of things

  • All the locations he was based out of Favorite airline.
  • Highest status Favorite Hotel chain.
  • Highest level of status.
  • Favorite hotel location.
  • Favorite Restaurant on the road.
  • The place that you always ate at when in town.
  • Best travel perk.
  • Celebrities you’ve run into when traveling.
  • Biggest travel changes you saw/lived through.
  • Biggest travel frustrations when you first started traveling vs when you stopped.
  • What were you doing on 911?
  • Of course COVID-19
Thanks for listening!

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