Did Southwest Airlines Screw Up?

Did Southwest Airlines Screw Up?

It’s rare that I get caught up in the fray. Any fray, political, social or family I make a conscious effort to avoid it all. The main reason is that I might not always be “Politically Correct”. Yet, I am fortunate enough to have a filter so I know when to keep my pie-hole shut.

If you’ve been away from the inter-webs that last day or so you might have missed the story about the Southwest agent making fun of a child’s name.

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A little girl named Abcde was mocked by a Southwest gate agent. The airline has apologized.

Girl called Abcde ‘mocked by Southwest Airlines staff’

Southwest Airlines has apologized to a 5-year-old girl and her mother after a gate attendant openly mocked the child’s name—Abcde—and posted a picture of her boarding pass on social media.
“The gate agent started laughing, pointing at me and my daughter, talking to other employees. So I turned around and said, ‘Hey if I can hear you, my daughter can hear you, so I’d appreciate if you’d just stop,’” Redford told ABC.

Redford claims that rather than de-escalating her teasing, “While I was sitting there, [the agent] took a picture of my boarding pass and chose to post it on social media, mocking my daughter. It was actually brought to my attention by somebody who had seen it on Facebook and reported it to Southwest Airlines.” LINK

I guess I’ll jump into the fray. The Southwest employee was completely in the wrong. This person lacks the aforementioned filter. Posting someone’s boarding pass online without their permission, not cool. Mocking someone on social media isn’t cool either. This whole incident puts Southwest in a crappy position. Now they have to involve PR to write some sort of apology statement, which no doubt will invoke meeting after meeting after meeting. They will also get bombarded by the “internet helpers” wanting this employee fired.

Deeper fray time. Traci Redford, I understand being a “Mama Bear”. But you named your kid the first five letters of the alphabet what did you expect? In “Redford World” “ABCDE” is an acceptable name and that’s fine, but the rest of the world doesn’t live in “Redford World”. Unfortunately, the world isn’t as tolerable as it once was. Insert your favorite “Social Media” changing our world quote.

I see two distinct disadvantages of being named ABCDE:

  • You will be mocked and made fun of…….. your whole life.
  • More damaging, you will never be able to find a coffee mug, key-chain or mini license plate with your name already on it. Two words – Special Order!

 I see two advantages of being named ABCDE:

  • A head start on learning the alphabet.
  • If dermatology is in your future then you’ll feel right at home with the ABCDE rule.

Twelve years ago Matt Lauer named his kid Thijs. How do you even begin to pronounce that? In 2006 I summed it up at Fricksworld in one simple paragraph.

Baby Names
Once you have decided on a name for your little bundle of joy get in the car and drive to the local tourist trap. Once inside look at all the coffee mugs, key chains & mini license plates. If you don’t see the name you’ve decided on don’t use it, it’s only an invitation to therapy for your little bundle of joy. This tip is for you Matt Lauer “

Mama Bear Redford prepare yourself, this is just the beginning.

As far as the Southwest employee if it hadn’t been someone named ABCDE (Is it all capitalized?)  they would’ve mocked someone else for being too tall, too short, too heavy etc. etc. etc.

I hope that twenty years from now ABCDE will be happy, well adjusted and still love her parents.

With the last name of Frick, we were very conscientious when naming our children. Life can be hard enough as it is, so why hinder them right out of the gate.

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