Do Smartphones And Airplanes Mix?

Do Smartphones And Airplanes Mix?


Samsung has a major disaster on their hands with the Galaxy Note 7. How would you like to be in the meeting where it’s decided to issue a major product recall?

Shaun Li Stoffer recently asked “Is iPhone 7 Taking a Step Back with the Headphone Jack?” and I agree that the new iPhone 7 design is going to cost them sales, but now with the Galaxy Note 7 recall Apple just might retain some of that impending lost market share.

So what does the Note 7 disaster have to do with travel?



Welcome to my Monday Twitter feed, filled with tweets broadcasting that airlines are now placing restrictions on the Galaxy Note 7 while on board their planes. Since we’re in this modern day of entitlement, you just know that there will be people that just “have” to have their Note 7 powered on during their flight. Make sure to stay tuned to TMZ for a video of the first flight attendant – passenger fistfight over this restriction, no doubt filmed with a Galaxy Note 7.


Therefore, do smartphones and airplanes mix, in a word yes, but with some personal responsibility. First is airplane mode, you’ll be asked to put your phone in this mode before takeoff. If you choose to be “that guy” and ignore the announcement, rest assured that the plane won’t fall out of the sky. However, if you’re on a flight with 75 other “that guys” what will happen is a bunch of radio interference will occur as everyone’s phone is searching for a cell tower, and this just might frustrate the person flying your plane.

Here’s tip, if you want to charge your phone a bit quicker put it in airplane mode while it’s on your charger.

Next is another “that guy” scenario, don’t be “that guy”, the one that begins talking on their phone before the smoke clears from the landing gear hitting the runway. It’s not the talking, it’s you trying to get your luggage out of the overhead with a phone tucked under your chin and your backpack slung over one shoulder and you having no regard for the people around you. If you were that important you would’ve taken a chartered flight.


If you suffer from aviophobia , the fear of flying, then you might want to look at the SkyGuru app. Offering real-time explanation of what to expect during your flight, all for $6.99.

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