Fathers Day Gifts…. There’s Still Time

Yep, there’s still time, so get with it!

First, let’s strike through the standard Fathers gifts… Wallets, Belts, Sunglasses, Ties and Car Wash Supplies. Look, we appreciate the thought but most of those items we won’t use, insert cheesy picture of my nightstand drawer.

There’s plenty of DDG’s (Dad Day Gifts), even for Dad’s that don’t travel. Of course, some of them will target our vices….. but we are Dad’s after all.

Personalized Beer Glass – Depending on the number of kids in the family it’s easy for Dad to get confused. Sally, Jimmy, Billy, Jane…. hey you, dammit, put that down.  Now he can take roll call while throwing back a cold one. If Dad’s a whiskey fan click here. Starts at $17.99

Cadot Swiss Army Knife – Dad’s love knives, especially thin ones that don’t make a bulge in our pocket. The Cadot is at home in my Jorts as it is in my dress pants. Just remind him to leave this at home when he flies out on Monday. $31.93

TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones – Sometimes the little ones are the reason we want silence and their $65.00 over the ear headphones will help. Are these on the same level as Bose or Sony? Not no but hell no, but, they’re worth the price. $62.99

Solid Cologne – Being a Dad I can tell you that we love to smell SPECTACULAR! Solid is better than liquid, and get this, you can get solid cologne through TSA. $11.00 – $62.00

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker – Dad’s need to stay hydrated, sometimes it’s booze and sometimes it’s coffee. The AeroPress elevates that morning cup of coffee to a precision performance. Yes, all Dads, have an extra 5 minutes in the morning to pull this off. $33.90

Bespoke Post Subscription – Monthly subscriptions is the gift that keeps giving. This past year Bespoke has filled my mailbox with, journals, knives, bottle openers, fountain pens and a wonderful infused whiskey set-up. This month they want to fill Dad’s humidor with a great cigar selection. $45.00 each month

Wildlife World Interactive Mason Bee Management System House – The bees are naturally attracted to holes in wood and the Wildlife World solitary beehive provides a habitat that has become harder to find in modern gardens. Fascinating and great for education, the beehive is designed not only as a habitat, but to be easily dismantled to see the formation of small cells where the eggs are laid, or indeed where predators have been active. Always a friend to the gardener, attracting solitary bees to the garden is not only safe, but increases the yield of flowers, fruit and vegetables. Since I’m in charge of the Amazon account I happen to know that I will be installing this next Sunday afternoon.

There’s plenty of time left, but don’t wait. Besides we deserve more than a fresh pair of New Balance shoes.

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