Florida & Alabama Snow, Fun On The Road & Travel Horror, A Podcast

Florida & Alabama Snow, Fun On The Road & Travel Horror, A Podcast

3 subjects – Florida and Alabama Snow, Fun On The Road and Travel Horror

#1 Florida Snow

First 2018 travel day Jan 3 – Statesboro GA then Milledgeville GA a couple days of easy driving to reintroduce myself into the Travelsphere. Wednesday morning I get an early morning text from a co-worker – Ah, have you looked at the weather? No, not really.

Weather channel – Storm name Grayson – What’s a bomb cyclone? Better yet where’s Jim Cantore. Late Wednesday meeting, plenty of time going to head up I95 through Savannah and head West. Statesboro snow on the ground at 10:00 AM afternoon meeting canceled. Reroute for Thursday’s meeting Leave after lunch up I75 to Warner Robins only a few hours drive to Milledgeville…… Packing the car and then the next thing Thursday meetings canceled

Podcast 6
Two weeks later it’s a Southern repeat. Monday flew into New Orleans with meetings in Mobile AL for Tuesday, Wednesday & Thurs. Tuesday night the weather rolls in and Wednesday Mobile is crippled. Wednesday meetings are now merged into Thursday.  During the day Wednesday, we discover that I-10 is completely shut down with several frozen bridges. Thursday roads open leave Mobile around 4:00 PM, arrive in NOLA to find no water.  The hotel won’t check us in and while everyone is complaining I launch the Hilton app and find a room about 20 miles away.

#2 Fun On The Road

Helps to break things up – Beer Flights – Social bonding Build your own 6 pack – Local beers/bring your own locals and share in the hotel lobby. All travelers have stories. Untappd

Two beds, Two suitcases, not a total porn reference

steve HGI


Fresh Prince 1

Hotel room pictures – Have fun filling out the “Special Instructions” section of your hotel reservation. You’ll discover if anyone actually reads it. Often the hotel staff was more excited to see or hear my reaction than I was. People enjoy playing along.

Hacking Your Hotel Room

Dead guy linens – A great last day of your hotel stay trick. For added flair, wrap the phone cord around the mess. While you’ve helped the housekeeping staff by stipping the bed just make sure you leave them a bit extra of a tip.

Geocaching – Join the world’s largest treasure hunt.

#3 Travel Horror

Cruel Couple Checks Cat in Luggage https://www.travelpulse.com/news/airlines/cruel-couple-checks-cat-in-luggage.html Starts me thinking about my own travel horrors.


A recent trip to BWI when a 4’ Stitch stuffed animal delays my flight. For once a flight out of Orlando isn’t packed and the flight crew thinks Skitch is a stowaway.

Dad drew the short straw and had to travel with our pregnant cat across the country. What could possibly go wrong?

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