Hello Again, From Our New Home, A Podcast

Hello Again, From Our New Home, A Podcast


Show Notes

Hello yet again! Coming to HypeAmerica from HypeOrlando. I’ve been hanging around the Blogosphere since 2004. First with Fricksworld then Still Working On Me next HypeSouthFlorida then after relocating to Orlando I posted on HypeOrlando.

Early Podcasts – Daily Source Code, The Dawn And Drew Show, Travel Commons

I’ve spent the better part of the last 18 years traveling the Southeast, at times by car, roughly 30,000 miles per year and at other times by plane, 25 flights since January. The last time I looked I’ve spent over 1500 nights in hotels while continuing to make a mortgage payment, needless to say, my financial advisor is less than enthused.

My favorite site for fact checking is Urban Dictionary and according to them, a Road Warrior is as follows….  “This is a self-described term used by corporate lackeys that spends a lot of time on the road (via automobiles), living in motels and eating in restaurants and diners. Many use this term to glamorize, romanticize and/or rationalize their lonely profession, sometimes to impress lot lizards and other prostitutes that frequent the world of the itinerant traveler.” If you scroll down the page it heads off in a NSFW direction, aka stuff that never really happens.

We love labels, and it’s fair to label me a Road Warrior.

Most road warriors are cut from a similar cloth:

  • We don’t get rattled easily.
    • If our flight gets canceled we’re on the phone with the airline while you’re still tweeting about it, #SpiritSucks. We tweet after we’re re-booked, and we don’t fly Spirit.

**** Side Note – 6:30 AM 4/23 my Monday flight was canceled due to the Southwest Airlines engine inspection. By 6:40 AM I was rebooked on a later flight and never once tweeted about the inconvenience. **** Make sure the reschedule your rental as well.

  • When I have a free afternoon due to a canceled meeting, I’m going exploring. I want to find a local bookstore or antique shop. I have shipped more crazy items than I care to count.
  • We all have our own “Hard and Fast” rules.
    • I never stay at a hotel with a number in it their name. Unless it’s the Four Seasons or 1717 Broadway
    • Never walk around in a hotel room without shoes, and don’t sit on the bedspread naked.
    • I don’t book using sites like Expedia and Kayak. Have an issue with one of their reservations, when checking in at midnight, your options are limited
    • I only book travel with a credit card that offers some sort of a reward point system. In 2018 it’s Chase Southwest Card in 2017 it was the American Express Platinum card 
    • It pains me to no end if I have to fly an airline or stay at a hotel if I’m not a member of their rewards program….. Even for a single flight or single night.
  • We know all the cool places

Here are a few more tips

  • Luggage scales are worthless, as well as money belts. Do you have a bathroom scale? Grab your luggage and weigh yourself. Drop the luggage and reweigh yourself then do some math.
  • In a new town? Ask your UBER driver or hotel desk clerk for the best restaurants because they know.
  • La Quinta is Spanish for “Behind Dennys”.
  • Unless it’s a K-Cup don’t use the coffee pot in your room.
  • Planning on a mixed drink? Then don’t use the ice from the hotel’s ice machine.

A Bit About Me…. the “I’m section”

I’m a foodie, check the Yelp widget to the right. I’ve had more than my share of “Formal Meals”, lots of silverware, polite people and delicious food, but not much more than to write home about. I want to eat with the locals, I want the grease from my French Fries turning the brown paper bag they’re served in translucent and I want Tripa Tacos when I’m in Mobile, AL.

I’m a beer guy, without the hipster beard or flannel shirt. I enjoy local breweries, from a fruit/coffee infused IPA, to a salt water ale I’m willing to try it. Check me out on Untappd.

I’m a Triathlete-Crossfitter-PowerLifter, a total oxymoron that translates to I can swim, bike & run……just not as fast as you. I can finish a WOD……just not as fast as you. My mental recharge is lifting heavy stuff.

In June of 2016, I relocated to Orlando from Fort Lauderdale. Being based out of Orlando provides me more direct flights, some new restaurants, and many new local breweries.

Moving forward I plan to share with you some hidden destinations, a few helpful travel tips and many places to fill your belly.

Here’s the Hilton Tru part- Say hello to a brand-new hotel experience from Hilton that’s vibrant, affordable and young-at-heart. It’s energetic, yet relaxing and comfortable. It’s familiar, and it’s also unexpected. It’s completely unprecedented, it’s uniquely Tru. You’ve gotta love marketing, think “Google Headquarters”.

Thanks for stopping by and reading the ramblings of a road warrior.

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