I’ll Take The Middle Seat, Maybe

I’ll Take The Middle Seat, Maybe

An airplane middle seat, travelings equivalent of a brown banana. No one wants it, but someone’s getting stuck with it. I’ve spent the better part of 20 years avoiding the middle seat and crying babies.

I’m a big guy, a 52 suit jacket to be exact. This gives me the ability to cast fear in passengers eyes as I walk towards them and that empty seat is in their row.

Middle Seat


I seem to fly on #737’s most of the time and usually sit in seat 21-F or 22-F, the reason is that the plane’s window is towards the back of the armrest. This window position gives me an extra couple of inches for my shoulders. Yes, a small thing but it’s a matter of comfort, my comfort and yours.

If you don’t fly much and are looking for seating advice check out SeatGuruSeatGuru provides the good, bad and ugly when it comes to seating. From which seats don’t recline to the ones that offer the most legroom.



The other day I stumbled across Side-Slip Seat, a new seating strategy that might make too much sense to actually catch on.

Middle Seat

Here are the highlights:

  • The middle seat is 3″ wider, you have my attention.
  • The middle seat is staggered a few inches behind the aisle and window seats giving you a bit more elbow room.
  • The aisle seats slide out of the way providing a wider aisle for boarding.


The one hitch is the “slide” part, I’m sure this function will befuddle the living hell out of people. I see people sliding seats while the poor sap in the row behind has his hand on the top of it. I can see kids looking at them as an extra ride on their way home from Disney.

They’ve passed some FAA testing with actual passenger tests to follow. As with most things in life putting Side-Slip Seat in place is going to come down to money, and who gets to pay for it. If I was faced with a middle only seat, I’d gladly pay a few dollars for a wider seat, and I’m sure the people on either side of me would be damn glad I did.

Here’s a 30-second video that explains it better than I ever could.


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