Jon Strong, Stories From Home Part 3, A Podcast

Jon Strong, Stories From Home Part 3, A Podcast

*** SHOW NOTES ***

Recorded, again,  in the beautiful home office of Chateau’ Relaxo.
Tonight we’re speaking with fellow road warrior Jon Strong from Utah. Jon’s spent close to 20 years on the road and we talk about his adjustments when it comes to working from home. 
In addition to being a road warrior, Jon and his wife Jamie host their own podcast, Our Stong Connection, which focuses on couples and communication.
 If that’s not enough, Jon has recently released his first single, Into The Wind which you can hear in its entirety at the end of the episode.
Visit Jon on SoundCloud.

We also run down the path.

  • Where he’s based out of, how long he’s been a road warrior, and who is stuck at home with him
  • How social distancing has impacted him.
  • Chores he’s done because he finally has the time.
  • Decent meals he’s cooked.
  • When frustration has set.
  • New beers.
  • New hobbies.
  • What he misses not being on the road.

Thanks for listening.

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