May Crazy Travel Round Up

Summer is fast approaching, so look for an uptick in the craziness, which means we get 7 new topics, and yes some of them include Florida.

Here’s what’s in store for May:

  • Fights, no surprise there.
  • Drunkenness, no surprise there.
  • Plane window issues, something new.
  • Wing clipping, something new.
  • Fake bomb threat, something new.
  • Monkeys, something new
  • Urination, something new……seriously WTF.
  • Puppy birth, something new.
  • Religion flies charter, something new.


A disgruntled airline employee decided to get back at his employer by calling in a fake bomb

It’s not unusual to hear of frustrated employees getting back at their employers, but when is getting back at someone taking it too far?

When Kartik Madhav Bhat was reprimanded and given a warning for poor performance at India’s IndiGo airlines, he decided to make a hoax call to New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport’s (IGI) IndiGo Airlines complex, claiming there was bomb aboard a Mumbai-bound plane, on May 2.

The airline staff issued an alert, launching a thorough check of hand baggage, screening passengers and the cargo area of Mumbai-bound flights, with the entire process took over two hours. After a two-hour search, nothing amiss was found and the call declared a ‘hoax’. LINK

Here’s some advice for Kartik Madhav Bhat. We all have rough days and often get hassled by management, next time do what we do in America…….. just call in sick and be done with it.

The San Antonio Airport Was Just Disrupted by a Monkey

Maybe he had a middle seat; maybe he didn’t get priority boarding. Whatever the reason for his grievance, a San Antonio-bound monkey escaped his cage Monday afternoon for a self-guided tour of the San Antonio Airport (SAT) baggage area. LINK

Monkeys are cool but they can be sketchy as hell, and this one just proved that. My advice, feed him one of those Hampton Inn bananas.


An extremely intoxicated passenger was caught peeing on the back of a plane seat. Photo / Emma Kerbstdat / CBS Denver


‘He’s peeing’: Plane passenger arrested after groping woman, peeing on seat

To paraphrase an old air travel axiom: what goes in must come out, one way or another.

A double vodka tonic has about seven fluid ounces – give or take, depending on how generous Frontier Airlines is with the pour.

Michael Allen Haag ordered his first one during the first cart service Thursday evening, according to the FBI – shortly after the plane took off from Denver, with hundreds of kilometres to go before it reached Charleston, South Carolina. LINK

The link above is worth clicking on! Once again Leave Drinking While Flying To The Professionals! …… and don’t touch other people without their permission.

American Airlines Passenger Brawls After Being Refused Beer By Flight Attendant

A passenger on American Airlines Flight 1293, from the Caribbean island of St. Croix to Miami, Florida, started a fight inside the cabin Wednesday when he was denied more beer by one of the attendants.

According to the criminal complaint filed against the passenger, identified as Jason Felix, the attendant said he could sense the accused was drunk even before he was first served alcohol aboard the flight, reported. He added he also heard Felix rummaging around inside the lavatory and that he needed help exiting the bathroom. LINK

All the drinking while flying verbiage aside this became a scuffle over airplane beer. Seriously the best beer I’ve ever been served on a plane was Fat Tire, and I don’t think I’d come to blows if someone cut me off from it. Side note, learn to orientate your camera.

Ex-lawmaker: Naked man tackled, detained on Alaska Airlines flight

SEATTLE — A retired Alaska state lawmaker says a naked passenger was tackled and detained on an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Anchorage, Alaska.

Former state Sen. Johnny Ellis said on Twitter that the incident happened Monday after the man ran from the front of the plane to the back, yelling and waving. LINK

Airplane and airport nudity is never “Good Nudity“, consider the lack of proper lighting and makeup. Plus this flight began in Seattle and it’s May….. think The Hamptons episode of Seinfeld….. Elaine: It shrinks? Jerry: Like a frightened turtle!

Broken window prompts Newark-bound Southwest flight to divert to Cleveland

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WABC) — A Southwest flight to Newark Liberty International Airport was diverted to Cleveland Wednesday morning after a window cracked mid-flight, according to the FAA.

Southwest Flight 957 took off from Midway Airport in Chicago when it landed at Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport for maintenance review of one of the multiple layers of a window pane, according to Southwest. LINK

This past month Southwest has had their share of window incidents, that’s why I choose an aisle seat. As one that’s flown in and out of Newark during May, a diversion to Cleveland might not be that bad.

United Apologizes, Compensates Passengers After ‘Concerning Incident’ With Flight Attendant

Chicago-based United Airlines compensated all passengers on a flight Thursday following a “concerning incident” involving an attendant aboard a Trans States Airlines plane, a spokeswoman said.

Twitter user Erika Gorman shared pictures of the airline employee looking disheveled and placing her face within inches of another passenger on flight 4689. The plane was headed from Denver to Williston, North Dakota.

“Thanks @united, for a terrifying flight!” the since-deleted tweet read.

“Boarding announcements were ‘if your seatbelt isn’t tight, you F^*%ed up,'” Gorman said. LINK

According to Huggy Bear, “Word on the street is she was hammered“…… how’s that for a flip-flop? This time it’s not the passenger. BTW, anytime that I’m still alive or not in jail, I’ll gladly welcome compensation for my flight.

Plane crash at Ataturk Airport – It seems that in Istanbul if you don’t pull your plane forward enough, you get punished. If you watch the ground crew raises their hand as if to say, “Hey wait, where are you going“. Chances are someone had a picture of an airplane on their check that week and then asked, “Why’s my paycheck have a negative number on it?”.

Ruff day for this mama at Airside F today!

Eleanor Rigby, a golden retriever service dog, was about to board a plane to Philly when she went into labor at Gate 80. Our Tampa Fire Rescue ARFF (no pun intended) paramedics were on hand to aid the successful deliver of eight pups — seven males, one female. LINK

The comments allowed everyone the chance to get all “Sideways” about service animals. That being said there’s plenty of pictures to make you say Ahhhhhhh.

INSANITY: Pastor Wants Fourth Private Jet, Worth $50 Million

This week prosperity gospel televangelist Jesse Duplantis is back to ask for a new $50 million jet. This is the fourth private jet that he’ll have used over the years. LINK

For some reason, I figured a man of the cloth would fly coach…… oh wait, he’s a televangelist. For $50 Million I’d convert, just putting that out there.

We’ve wrapped up May and we’re off to June’s offerings….. travel safely.


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