My Current Travel Apps

In this day and age, the world runs on connectivity. How often do we open a phone book? Do you still own an encyclopedia? At Chateau’ Relaxo those answers are “never” and “no”.

I’m dependent on my smartphone, it’s my concierge, my travel agent, and my entertainment coordinator….aka…. my information hub.

Like most  everyone, I partake in social media. I label this group “Time Wasters” with the intent of indicating a time management penalty each time I access it.  I use Yelp on a weekly basis for finding unique places to eat, especially when I’m in a familiar town. I use Swarm, previously FourSquare,  to track my travels and compile my year-end travel statistics.  Untappd lets me catalog my latest beer discoveries while SnapChat lets me share the latest memes.


My “Travel” group remains the same. I use the hotel apps for booking rooms, checking in and copying their address into Google Maps or Waze after turning down the radio to discover that I have no idea where I’m going. The Southwest app allows me to book travel, automatically check-in exactly 24-hours in advance and display my boarding pass for TSA Pre-Check. Uber is essential and if you’ve never used it save up to $5.00 on your next ride with this LINK



I’ve been checking out “Google Trips“, again, and their recent updates has made it a viable travel aid.  Google Trips offers the ability to instantly plan and organize your trips, automatically discover new sights, and effortlessly track your travel info. On a recent 5 stop week, Google Trips was able to parse my travel details into individual stops with accompanying highlights for each.

If your recent doctors visit concluded with him saying, “Don’t buy green bananas” then you might want to consider some health-themed apps.

As someone that has managed to bang the “S” out of their body with weights, I highly recommend Yin YogaYin Yoga covers the traditional poses, however, you hold them longer allowing those stiff hips and backs to open up and reap the benefits.

If you’re into meditation, it’s all the rage, check out Oak Meditation. It’s completely free and offers both guided meditation as well as breathing exercises. If you have trouble falling asleep they can help with that as well.

The death of distance is here, you can fear it or embrace it, but it’s not going away. The key is leveraging technology to your advantage, and automating processes. Believe it or not, it will make your travel life less complicated.

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