November Crazy Travel Roundup

November Crazy Travel Roundup

Have we all emerged from our Thanksgiving food coma?

This month

  • Stolen airplane
  • PlaneDrankin
  • Therapy gators
  • Hilarious safety briefing
  • NSFW
  • And, thank you Florida

Teens Accused of Stealing Single-Engine Cessna on Thanksgiving

Two Utah teenagers are being held in a youth detention center after allegedly stealing a small plane. The incident, which took place during the day on Thanksgiving, is connected to the theft of a tractor after the teenagers escaped from a group home near Salt Lake City, Utah. After gaining access to the tractor, the teens then drove to Jensen, Utah, roughly 3.5 hours away from Salt Lake City, where they stayed with friends. On Thanksgiving, the boys, aged 14 and 15, traveled to a nearby private airstrip at which point they stole the small aircraft. LINK

I bet you thought this happened in Florida, well it didn’t.  I understand not wanting to spend Thanksgiving with family, however, this might be a bit extreme. Get this, they managed to fly 32 miles

The boys are being held on multiple charges. There is no word on how either teen was able to pilot the aircraft successfully.

I have two words…… video games.

Flight attendants admit to watering down drinks they serve passengers

The private jet charter company Stratos Jets asked 119 flight attendants to confess some of the worst things they’ve done on duty.

The revelations were eye-opening, with many admitting to making fun of passengers behind their backs and having sex with customers after their shift.

One of the most popular confessions was tampering with passengers’ drinks though. LINK

Ok, Ok, Ok this is more serious than crazy. We’ve talked about PlaneDrankin before and watering down drinks, especially when flying isn’t cool. Trust me there’s not that much sex happening with customers.

Therapy gators? Reptiles join the mix at New Orleans airport

Dozens of airports around the country have helped de-stress millions of passengers with teams of therapy animals in the terminals that include mostly dogs and the occasional pig (San Francisco), cat (Denver) and miniature horse (Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky).

Now Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) is upping the animals-at-the-airport ante with alligators.

Each Friday afternoon, the Audubon Nature Institute now brings live baby alligators to the baggage claim area and encourages passengers to pose for an “MSY Gator Selfie.” If they’re brave enough, the passengers are also allowed to – gently – touch the gator. LINK

This truly warms my heart, first being a Florida boy I love alligators and second I end up at MSY at least eight times each year. Besides an alligator is a lot cooler than an emotional support peacock.

‘World’s Funniest Flight Attendant’ Gives Hilarious Safety Briefing

I’m such a rube, I enjoy these hack security briefings.

Flight attendants of Reddit, what’s your most NSFW story?

I’d go into detail, but you might be reading this at work.

JAL pilot admits being almost 10 times over alcohol limit

LONDON (AP) — A Japan Airlines co-pilot arrested after failing a breath test shortly before a London to Tokyo flight pleaded guilty Thursday to being almost 10 times over the legal limit for alcohol. 

London’s Metropolitan Police force said Katsutoshi Jitsukawa appeared at Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court in west London and admitted exceeding the alcohol limit. LINK

8 hours from bottle to throttle, that being said 10 times, WOW! In case you were wondering it seems that two bottles of wine and a pitcher of beer the previous night just might aid in hitting that number.

Florida Woman Accused of Hitting Airplane While Driving Drunk

SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. — A drunk driver crashed into a gate at the Bradenton/Sarasota Airport and drove around inside the tarmac, causing damage to a plane.

  • Mary Dostal charged with DUI, could face federal charges
  • She is accused of driving drunk, hitting airplane
  • Citizen tip helped deputies pull her over

Deputies in Sarasota County said Mary Dostal was charged with DUI after the Wednesday night incident but could face more charges.

The airplane’s pilot, Jacob Kyser, said he is still confused about what happened. LINK 

As with every month, “Thank You Florida”. Jacob Kyser, I can clear up your confusion, you’re in Florida.

December is here, so be aware, especially when traveling.

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