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Airline passenger who tried to open jet door in flight given a £85,000 billBoingBoing

Chloe Haines, 26, received a £85,000 (US$105,000) bill from Jet2 airlines after she was charged with beating a crew member and trying to open the plane door while in flight. As a result of her alleged antics, the pilot made an emergency landing while being escorted by two RAF fighter jets. In addition to the bill, Jet2 banned Haines for life.

Jail Time For Baggage Handler Who Swapped 250+ Luggage TagsPoint Me To the Plane

Checked bags get put on wrong flights all the time, but usually due to negligence or some other non-malicious occurrence. However, an airport baggage handler at Singapore Changi Airport was given jail time for putting luggage on the wrong flights — totally on purpose.

The serial bag tag swapper put a total of 286 suitcases on wrong flights as a way to get back at his employer.

Man arrested off plane after grabbing another passenger “by the crotch”BoingBoing

An American Airlines flight was diverted to Oklahoma after a man grabbed a passenger seated next to him “by the crotch,” according to a federal criminal complaint filed Friday.
James Clayton Cholewinski-Boy was charged with abusive sexual contact after Tuesday’s reported assault aboard American Airlines Flight 807 from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Salt Lake City, Utah, the complaint said.

WRONG FOOT Disgusting passenger shamed after drying his ‘sweaty socks’ using the overhead air vents on a planeSUN

A GROSS passenger has been shamed after they were caught drying their “sweaty socks” using the overhead air vents during a flight. The traveller was caught holding up the sock above their head while on the plane.

The picture was shared by Instagram account Passenger Shaming, which regularly posts images of the worst travellers encountered on a plane. The image was accompanied by the caption: “Drying sweaty socks using the air vent.”

Using public USB charging stations could drain your bank account, officials warnABC13

Just weeks ahead of the busy holiday travel season, people are being warned against using airport USB charging stations. The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office sent out a tweet cautioning about a USB charger scam, also known as “juice jacking.”

They advised people not to use public USB charging stations at places such as airports or shopping centers, as they could be loaded with malware. “It loads itself into the phone and can either monitor the phone in real time, sometimes download information from the phone, sometimes clone the phone completely and you don’t even have to be using it,” said Deputy District Attorney Luke Sisak.

Lawyer: Canadians Should Flush Their Pot in the Lavatory Before a Flight Diverts to the U.S. View From The Wing

Air Canada flight AC125 from Toronto to Vancouver was forced to divert to Seattle last Sunday due to fog and two failed landing attempts. The plan was to refuel and make another attempt. However passengers got stuck in Seattle when the 787 went out of service for maintenance. Everyone was given hotel rooms for the night.

Some passengers on board began to worry over what would happen to their pot? Recreational marijuana was legalized just over a year ago in Canada, so you can expect that some number of passengers on board were carrying their stash.

Frontier passengers freaked after email notification ahead of holiday travelThe Points Guy

“There has been a change to your upcoming flight” is not an email subject line you want to read ahead of Thanksgiving travel, already anticipated to see over 4.45 million passengers take to the skies next week.

But for scores of Frontier Airlines travelers, they were left confused and scrambling after receiving an alarming email from the low-cost carrier.

With an ominous subject line: “There has been a change to your upcoming flight” the email stated that the airline “made a change that affects a portion of your itinerary.” It was unclear from the email what change had been made or what portion was affected. The email offered a number for Frontier’s re-booking department, distressing holiday travelers worried the airline canceled their tickets.

Doctor saves life by sucking urine from man’s bladder mid-flight to NYC  – BoingBoing

When an elderly plane passenger fell ill mid-flight Tuesday, a courageous doctor with a stomach of steel rose to the occasion. Dr. Zhang Hong saved the man’s life by spending 37 minutes sucking urine from his blocked bladder with nothing but a plastic tube and an empty wine bottle.

China Southern Airways Flight CZ3009 was far from its takeoff point in Guangzhou, China — and still six hours from its destination, New York — when a man with a bloated stomach began sweating profusely around 1 a.m. The cabin crew made an emergency announcement, asking if there was a doctor on board. Dr. Hong quickly identified the problem — and its hard-to-stomach solution.

Woman Steals Car From Hotel Valet Using The Oldest Hacking Trick In The BookView From The Wing

Kaytlyn Elizabeth Fenton allegedly picked up a car she wanted from a hotel’s valet. She went down to valet parking at the Homewood Suites Austin Downtown and gave what she said was her room number. She was sympathetic. She explained that “she had lost all of her belongings” in the nearby bar district the previous night. The valet believed her story, and gave her the car she asked for.

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