Renting Cars, Made A Bit Easier

Renting Cars, Made A Bit Easier

The difference between a Jeep and a rental car is there’re some places you can’t take a Jeep

Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport

The poor sap above managed to flatten all four tires on this Infiniti QX70 rental by ignoring the “Do Not Back Up Severe Tire Damage” signs, don’t be “that guy”.

Here’re a few things to keep in mind when renting a car:

  • Don’t let them sell you insurance – more than likely your existing car insurance covers rentals, check to make sure.
  • Don’t let them sell you roadside assistance – consider an AAA membership, they start at $50.00 per year, and include Hertz Gold Plus rewards membership.
  • Don’t prepay for your gas.
  • Before getting in your rental, make sure to walk around it looking for damage. Take pictures with your cell phone so if you have damage you have it documented.
  • Often you can save some money by renting at a location that’s not on airport property.
  • If you’re renting a 4-wheel drive, check the rental agreement because it might not allow you to take the vehicle off road, don’t ask how I know this.
  • Seriously, don’t back up over the spike strips.


You’re sitting in your rental, you’ve adjusted the seat and mirrors and the next thing to consider is, “How far can you get on that tank of gas”. I’m a risk taker, I’ve rolled into more than one gas station with the gas gauge on “0”, but that’s my personal car. When it comes to rentals as soon as I see the “Low Fuel” indicator, I start looking for a stop, especially if I’m in an area where I’m not familiar with the surroundings.

In case you’re curious here’s a chart that can give you a guideline of your remaining fuel once the “Low Fuel” indicator lights up.


Another tip is using the power of social media to assist you in times of need. A few years ago my rental had a flat, and when I called Hertz Assistance I was told that there would be a $ 78.00 charge to dispatch a truck to change the tire……..What! I immediately went to Twitter to voice my displeasure.


24 hours later, I had the exchange below from Hertz. A solid return for less than 140 characters.


Looking to breakout and be a “Baller” for the weekend or impress that “New Friend” you met on Tinder? Most rental companies offer an exotic or dream car program, but it does come with a price. The Orlando airport has a Porsche 911 available this Friday night, take note you do get 75 free miles included and at 24 MPG you can expect change back on $600.00 after you top off the tank.


Here’s one last tip, never ever buy a used rental car, just Google e brake rental car.

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