The Nastiest Stuff In Hotels

The Nastiest Stuff In Hotels

The Nastiest Stuff In Hotels

Try copying “The Nastiest Stuff In Hotels” and paste it into “Google“.  Wait, I’ll save you some time, here’s what you’ll GET.

I’m not a germaphobe, I don’t rely on hand sanitizer and I grab the handrails on escalators. However, I do spend over 50% of the year in hotels, and my number goal is to remain healthy.

Here’s my definitive list of what to avoid in hotels.

  • The TV Remote – It’s rare that I watch TV (Cable) at home and almost never when traveling. That’s why my company provided me a laptop and Microsoft produced the Surface. The TV remote is downright nasty, think dudes, or ladies, on the road lonely and away from loved ones…. there’s a category for that……you piece the rest together.
  • No bare feet – Hotel carpet is nasty and bare feet vs. hotel carpet results in a bunch of extra washing mixed with a possible case of the Norovirus..
  • Housecleaning – The first thing I do when entering a hotel room is to hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. It’s for a couple of reasons, first I don’t want to be disturbed. Duh, second housekeeping cleans an “S-Ton” rooms each and there’s this scientific thing called “cross-contamination”.
  • The ice machine/ice bucket – The ice machine is code for “Hotel Petri Dish”. If you have death wish walk down the hall and grab a handful of frozen water from the moisture-laden ice receptacle. Now throw it in one of the hotel’s glasses (See Below) and mix yourself a Jack and Coke.
  • Hotel Glassware – Never ever use a glass in your hotel room unless it’s hermetically sealed. I have no idea what “Hermetically Sealed” means but hermetically sounds safe.
  • Hotel coffee pot – If you want coffee then drag your sleepy butt down to the lobby or bring your own. For all, you caffeine driven, freaks here are a few DIY ideas. Chances are that the towel that cleaned the toilet, desk and TV remote is going to be used on your coffee pot.

A few handy things to help fight the hotel nasties. Grab a zip-lock bag and throw the TV remote in it, and your hands will remain germ-free. Buy some Lysol® Disinfectant Spray To Go®, once in the room remove the air-conditioner filter and give it a good spray. Apparently, it kills 99.9% of fungi, viruses, and bacteria…. who knew?


In case you’re bored or intrigued, check out Hotel Nightmaresguaranteed to fill your sleep with dreams. There’s a Rate My Job thread that details Disgusting Things Hotel Workers Found In Rooms.

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