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The JetPack is back, again, but a different viewpoint.


We’ve discussed at least two incidents where pilots reported seeing a person strapped to a JetPack at 6000 feet around LAX.

BoingBoing – Jetpack maker doubts reports of jetpack flyer near LAX because no one told him they were going to illegally fly one there David Mayman, chief executive of the Los Angeles-based Jetpack Aviation, said Thursday that he doesn’t believe what the pilots and crew members are seeing are indeed jetpacks. Pilots have one or two medical checks each year, and I’m guessing that an eye chart is involved in at least one of those sessions.

Mayman’s company, which was established in 2016, has produced five jetpacks, he said, noting that all of them are under “lock and key.” Only two people have those keys — Mayman and his chief engineer — and none of the packs have been sold, he said.


I grew in the age of the Rockford Files and Columbo I know that the last statement narrows the field of suspects to two. Stay tuned this isn’t over yet.


Just graduated from college? Miss it? Looking for something to do? How about a contest?

Live Out Your College Dream of Drinking Natty Light on a Private Jet Lifehacker

The winner of the Natural Flight contest will receive a “Flight to Nowhere” with up to three guests, consisting of three hours of flight time on a private jet—taking off from and returning to the same airport. The jet includes TVs, gaming systems, food, and Natty Light beer.


One of the things we’ve recently gotten back into is Geocaching.

  • Worlds biggest treasure hunt
  • App for your phone – free
  • GPS to find caches
  • Could be an Altoids tin, Tupperware, or ammo box
  • Some are hidden
  • Take a trinket and leave a trinket
  • Sign the logbook 

What I like about it

  • It will stretch you to your limits – physically and mentally.
  • And experience new places like a local. You will find places in your own town that you never knew existed.
  • Gets you outside
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Geocache Any time, anywhere


Hotels And Planes Are Both Safer Than We Thought (While Driving Still Has Risks) View From The Wing

There have been no known cases of Covid-19 transmission on US airlines. Sure US contact tracing isn’t very good. But even internationally and across the whole world there are only a few flights where the spread is believed to have occurred despite around a billion people traveling so far this year.

Hotels too seem to be safe. There haven’t been documented cases of the spread between rooms either in hotels or office buildings.

The article goes on to say 

Office spread has occurred where there is an open floor plan. But the virus doesn’t seem to spread through HVAC systems though this is admittedly tentative. It doesn’t travel through walls, either. 

My take-aways

  • Airline filtration seems to be working
  • That being said that high-level air filtration isn’t necessarily throughout the terminal. Be cautious at the TSA checkpoints and the gate area – pretend you’re at your local Publix grocery store.
  • Your hotel room is probably low risk. Inconsistent still.

A lingering question from our recent Q&A episode

Can I drink my own booze on a flight? Thank Mr. Cirrhosis


FAA Regulation  – § 121.575 alcoholic beverages: (a) No person may drink any alcoholic beverage aboard an aircraft unless the certificate holder operating the aircraft has served that beverage to him.

  • You can’t drink, but you can bring it.
  • You can carry as many mini bottles of liquor that will fit comfortably in a one quart-sized, clear plastic, zip-top bag. Make sure the bag closes.
  • Plane drinking, while sexy never ends up well.


From the “I’m a baller, or at least my legal counsel is” department – Passenger Books Private Jet When Flight Is Oversold, His Lawyer Sends Airline The Bill

From View From the Wing here are the bullet points

  • Passenger’s flight was overbooked
  • Asked to be rebooked on the next flight (with a different airline), this was refused
  • After all possible commercial options were exhausted to reach destination same day, they chartered a plane
  • They’re now suing for slightly over $25,000

Where do I sign up for this program? Morgan & Morgan

A few travel tips

They say you get what you pay for, and often it’s true, but spending $12.00 on an AARP membership can pay back more especially with travel.

  • Ideas for your next trip
    • 10 Stunning, Less-Visited National Parks
    • Top Hikes in U.S. National Parks
  • Travel Tips
    • What It’s Like to Visit Vegas in the Coronavirus Era
    • Road Trip Safety Tips
    • Overseas Travel Advisories
  • Trip Ideas for Every Budget

You can book travel through the AARP portal, check the prices.

Southwest Airlines travel tip of the week, month – Don’t pay for “Early Bird Boarding” Think about it….

A travel mystery solved.

Safety announcement – Raise Window Shades For Takeoff and Landing – Why? Thought it prevented your eyes from having to adjust between the interior of the place and the outside be it a night flight – duh

In an emergency having the shades up during takeoff and landing enables the crew (and passengers) to observe whether it’s safer to evacuate from one side of the plane rather than the other. 

Don’t Inflate Your Life Jacket Inside the Plane

Not able to fit through an exit door? No

If the cabin is flooded and you’ve inflated your life jacket, you’re at risk of being lifted towards the ceiling of the plane.

Unlock Your Seat Belt By Lifting Up On the Buckle

Of course, why remind me? Your car seat belt buckle operates by pushing down on it.

Panic Mode…..


UBER, remember UBER….. 

  • Haven’t been in one in months
    • Uber rolled out face detection technology for its drivers in May.
    • Reported by an UBER driver for not masking up – required to take a selfie 
    • No mask, no ride


Kitchen Randomness

  • Parchment Paper – where have you been my whole life?
  • Air Fryer 
    • 2-year debate to buy one. 
    • Use it for hotdogs
    • Thought it cooked food faster


Advantages of working from home….. We should all be pros by now.

  • Get some of your time back
  • No commute
  • No distractions
  • Your clothing budget will get a boost.
  • Typically purchase new dress clothes twice a year, I’m 6 months ahead.
  • Budget, Dave Ramsey
  • Drycleaning costs have decreased- We were spending upwards of $120.00 per week
  • A nice environment to work in. No corporate provided cubicle art
  • 25 years ago I was helping with our new office furnishings 
    • Meeting/Meeting – Avoid this committee if you can
    • Picking out furnishings
    • No one inside the office is going to buy anything

Food at home vs food at the office

  • No odd smells
  • No mandatory Friday refrigerator cleanouts

If you’re still struggling with working from home…..

  • Get dressed
  • Take Breaks
  • Stay connected