The Year In Review

The Year In Review

As each year ends, my routine is to take an inventory of my life and the goals I set for the previous year and then get ready for the approaching year.

2015-11-28-1448743072-4875045-BostonBlackMasspremiere-thumbOne of my goals this past year was to live more in the moment, to be present in what was happening around me. Two of the strategies I used was to journal and the other was meditation, both seemed to make a difference.

Another of my major goals this year was relocating to Apopka, FL. This goal took a group effort from everyone. First, we decided to build a new home so that required several (make that weekly) trips to oversee construction as well as the interior design. We also had to sell an existing home and make sure that closing/rental home/High School graduation coincided with the closing of the new home. My better half needed to find a new job, and we needed to make sure two young adults (politically correct term) were enrolled in college. As a team, we survived the relocation.

I also enjoy looking back on my travels…..

  • 164 nights in hotels
    • Marriott Property Stays –  73 Nights, I started staying at Marriott properties in 2008 currently; I have spent 497 nights with them.
    • Hilton Property Stays –  74 Nights, Hilton doesn’t track lifetime nights, but I’m guessing in excess of 1200.
    • Event and non-membership Hotels – 17 nights in hotels that it didn’t get points for and at least 7 nights at my parent’s house.
  • Flights – 43, 16 with Delta and 27 with Southwest.
  • Rentals Cars – 19 rentals
  • TripIt – Created 55 trip itineraries for me, as some weeks required multiple stops, and I visited 55 different cities.
  • Personal Car – Roughly 31,000 miles.


For the most part a typical year. I’m fortunate I have a job that I love waking up to, my regional team kicks ass, I have the greatest corporate support structure in the industry and our business partners are the best.

Looking forward to 2017!

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