Tracking Our Travel

Tracking Our Travel


There are many ways to document travels and adventures. Some choose to journal, too time-consuming for me, some bring back shot glasses from their destinations and others, myself included, take pictures. In this digital age, it’s easy to share our travels, there’s SnapChat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Drive and on and on and on.

Between DLSR’s and cell phones, our family has amassed thousands of photos that we’ve stored in Google Drive and on a few digital picture frames around the house. Unfortunately, the days are gone when we turn the TV off drag out the 35mm slides in hopes of reliving last summer’s vacation.

The one thing that we’ve inadvertently managed to do was to pick up Christmas ornaments as we traveled. While they help to decorate our Christmas tree those ornaments do something else, they guide us through our travel history as we relive those trips every year while decorating the tree.

Therefore, the adventure begins…….


The Yellow Submarine – One of the “Chateau Relaxo” residents wished to have a drink in each country as they traveled around the world for their 21st birthday. We granted that wish by taking them to Epcot during the Food & Wine Festival, we barely made it out of Germany before they tapped out on the adventure.


Key West

Key West Mile Marker – We tore this town up, from lunch at Sloppy Joe’s and then new shoes at Kino Sandlas. Make sure to visit Hemingway’s house and check out the six-toed cats. As corny as it sounds the Conch Train is an inexpensive way to kill a few hours.

Washington DC

Washington DC – I’m not a fan of timeshares but this time it paid off. Base camp was Alexandria, VA, which gave us easy access to everything in DC via the metro. If you’re hungry, and you know you are, make sure to visit Ben’s Chili Bowl. The great part of a DC trip is that most attractions are free, your tax dollars at work, but plan to spend big bucks if you eat in any of the facilities..

BiltmoreBiltmore, NC – A regular stop when I’m in Asheville, NC.  Their Christmas tour is something to behold and the adjoining Biltmore Village offers great beer, food as well as local crafts. I don’t often fall victim to tourist traps but Cedric’s Tavern was a pleasant surprise, tasty beer paired with delicious tavern food, corn fritters, fish and chips etc.


New Orleans – I find myself here every few months on business, which means dinner at ACME or Dragos but not time for anything else. This was one of the greatest vacations ever. It was non-stop for 5 days, walking tours, boat tours and plantation tours; we were worn out at the end of each day. Make sure to visit Jackson Square for some amazing local music and Cafe’ Du Monde lives up to the powdered sugar hype, but bring cash. Don’t forget to try some Charbroiled oysters while you’re there.


Charleston, SC – Another great Southern town. Start at Patriots Point, just as all the tourists do, but then head over to the City Market for some local flare. Check out the Tattooed Moose, a solid beer selection paired with some unique food and drop by Hyman’s Seafood for some phenomenal hush puppies.


homFinally, we have a collection of homemade ornaments. Armed with a Sharpie or wood-burning tool these ornaments bring on memories as well. In case you happen to have a handful of beer caps around, paint them red, sprinkle some rock salt on top and add green felt leaves, you’ve got holiday holly.

It appears that we’ve managed to “Track Our Travels” without realizing it.

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  1. Love that yellow submarine! You made me realize I should have been doing something like that. I have nothing but photos in cyberspace!

  2. We added to the tree on our recent trip, with “See Rock City” and “Jack Daniels” ornaments.

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